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A Letter to The Academy in Osborne Village (Winnipeg)

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Ramblings

Academy Osborne Village WinnipegDear Academy,

Since moving to Osborne Village a year ago, I have enjoyed many a beer and wing on your patio.  Yes, your patio is the best of the patios in the village.

But things seem to be falling apart. Why?  Just after Canada Day, you didn’t have many beers available.  Since then, a lot of time your draught beer has been flat.  Then was the day I wanted a steak sandwich from your menu, but you were out of steak.  Then came the revamped menu that appeared to be half of what it used to be.

The days you’re open are sporadic and unpredictable. I’ll drive past any day of the week and not know whether you will be open or closed.

And now, most incredibly, in this incredible month of April, where patios across the city have been jammed full for over a week, you still do not have your patio set up.

Dear Academy, my friends and I fear for your life. Are you soon to leave us? Why would you deny us the pleasure of your patio unless… unless there’s no point because you’re shutting down soon.

Please, have some consistency and look at your business plan. I don’t want you to go.


PS – Get a freaking website! Put your days and hours on it!

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  1. Chris D.

    You tell ’em, Lyndsay!

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