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Election time VENT

by on Jan.02, 2006, under z-Old Posts

Okay I’m angry.

I’m a HUGE advocate of voting. It is just not our RIGHT but our RESPONSIBILITY to vote. Starting from when we’re 18 until we die.

Everyone knows that the younger voters don’t really go out and vote.

I kind of don’t blame them. Here’s the start of my vent.

I cannot BELIEVE how many candidates either don’t have a web site or have a really shitty web site.

I am a registered member of the Conservative Party of Canada but I don’t think I’m even going to vote for my Conservative party representative because:

A) Her website is just awful. Horrible. I want to cry when I look at it. ( I almost emailed to volunteer to redo it for her.

B) Her email? Fabulous. Great to see a good professional email address. If I saw a company with a email address (or any other type of personal ISP), they would not get my business. Just not professional.

C) I did email said address (that is the only email address published on said web site) about working as a poll clerk for the election like I have in the past. Elections Canada says that to apply for a Poll Clerk position, you need to contact the candidate with the party who came in SECOND in the last election. So that’s conservative here.

Well, I emailed December 15. Do you think I got a reply? NOOOOOOOOOO…. tonight I did some googling to find another email address for her. So I tried that one. But the phone number on her web site is a cell number, and I haven’t found another yet.

How on EARTH does this woman expect people to contact her with not just questions and issues about her campaign, but maybe even her constituency if she were to win????

But it’s not even her specifically. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many do not have web sites or make it nearly impossible to find out the issues. And at this time of year, there isn’t much canvassing going on. At least we haven’t had one knock at the door.

It just makes me SO MAD. The Internet is THE most popular information source in this day and age, especially for the younger voters!

To me, it is inexcuseable to let such an important part of campaigning slide.

And now I am faced with a dilemna. Do I…

a) Vote for Linda West (Conservative) because that party best reflects my stance on issues and morals, because I am a member of this party, despite the fact that it is 99.9% confirmed that she won’t win this riding?

b) Vote for Bill Blaikie, the Deputy Leader of the NDP. NDP, my second choice of party. Bill Blaikie has held this riding for 28 years. Everyone loves him. I haven’t been around long enough to experience his services personally. Who, by the way has a website. It’s not GREAT, but it’s a lot better than a lot I’ve seen!

I’m so mad that I’m even in this position. But it’s something I feel strongly about.


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