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by on Mar.27, 2007, under z-Old Posts

I joined Facebook quite a while ago… took a look, got bored, and left. Two days ago, I ended up back on… I can’t quite remember why I went on but all of the sudden it hit – the addiction!

I’ve added probably 40 or so long-lost friends and classmates. It’s absolute madness! Last night I spent a couple hours chatting with my friend Lyndsay (yup, spelled the same way and everything). We went to elementary school together! It’s been 10 years, and we’re having a blast catching up.

So now I have a new addiction to curb. Being addicted to social networking sites isn’t new for me, so I have a good idea how to keep it at bay. But the novelty of it all will take a while to wear off, so I’m sure I’ll be on often to see what else is happening.

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Thar she blows!

by on Mar.26, 2007, under z-Old Posts

Okay seriously.  Having a time bomb in my abdomen is no fun.  The twinges of pain are occurring more frequently and more severely.  Please, please appendix – hold out just five more weeks.  Five weeks and the nice man with the scalpal will set you free.

My appendectomy is scheduled for May 3 and I couldn’t be more excited.  My first bout with appendicitis was in August 2003.  That means I’ve been dealing with an irritable appendix for three and a half years.  Far too long!!  Of course, my last incident, about six weeks ago, I finally got a surgeon who offered to take it out.  I declined, however, because of my new job.  But now it is scheduled and it’s going sooooo slow!!

I have no idea what a burst appendix feels like.  In the past day or two I’ve felt a lot of pressure pain in my abdomen.  Hopefully I’m just bloated!!  Geez.  What woman HOPES to be bloated anyway?

Fingers crossed… five more weeks!!

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St. Elmo's Fire

by on Mar.25, 2007, under z-Old Posts

My sister loved the movie St. Elmo’s Fire. I admit, I’ve never seen it. But I know that it’s a cheesy 80s movie starring Emilio Estefez, Demi Moore, etc. What I didn’t know is that it’s also a phenomena that occurs on an airplane.

Sunday night, coming back from Winnipeg, I found that there were no passenger seats available for the Regina to Calgary leg. This meant I was offered the “jump seat”, a little fold down seat located in the cockpit of the plane. It was a lot of fun, the pilots were great.

As we were landing into some low heavy clouds, I started seeing lightning. But it wasn’t lightning it was St. Elmo’s Fire. I guess the friction between the clouds and the static electricity around the nose of the plane create these beautiful blue lightning bolts… of course, they’re not lightning, but a similar theory. Seeing these blue bolts flash along the windshield and nose was beautiful.

My first time flying jump, and I got to witness this. Poor Marshall, in all his many hours flying in the cockpit, has never seen it once. I hope he gets to see it soon. It was stunning.

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Working From Home

by on Mar.24, 2007, under z-Old Posts

I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy sleeping, working from home, and beating the boys at Skipbo.  Yes, Dave and I went to Dawn’s place last night to pig out on pizza and play cards.  Dawn and I beat Dave and Glenn two games to one, but it was definitely close, all the games.

Dave and I have decided to buy season tickets to the Bombers this year.  Hopefully Dawn will find out our seat options soon – we are excited about the season, it’ll be nice when we know where our seats will be!

Maureen gave Dave some money to buy my birthday present – so last night we stopped at Polo Park so we could buy these diamond/sapphire earrings that I’ve had my eye on for a while. They’re beautiful!!  Hopefully I’ll find a nice dress to wear to Maureen’s grad dinner, and I can wear my beautiful new earrings.

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Like a fine wine

by on Mar.22, 2007, under z-Old Posts

Why is it so hard to find a good Tim Hortons?  I understand that Calgary’s fast food industries are experiencing quite a shortage of employees, but this is a national problem. ometimes it’s the service.  Sometimes it’s the product.  Sometimes it’s a misinterpretation of the order.

Today I had to take in my car to get the windshield replaced (thanks to Marshall for helping me out with that).  On the way, I stopped at the Tims closer to the glass place.  A long wait in line (not unusual at ANY Tims at 8 AM) and I find out they have no vanilla dip donut.  I went for the chocolate chip muffin, but it’s a rather pathetic muffin.  Hardly any chips.  It doesn’t taste that good.

Oh well.  Maybe I’ll go to the Tims near work at lunch… they have the most miserable person ever working there, but at least they’ve got the goods!

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