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Lyndsay's Appendix – the saga continues

by on May.09, 2007, under z-Old Posts

As some of you know, my appendectomy was scheduled for Thursday, May 3.

While in Dallas a few weeks ago, I had my fourth appendix attack.  As I was in the states and did not have coverage for it (since it is a “pre-existing condition”), I suffered through.  This made me especially anxious to have my surgery.

The morning of May 3 came, we were 15 minutes away from leaving for Concordia Hospital when the surgeon’s assistant called – cancelled!  I guess Dr. Taylor had an emergency surgery at St. Boniface and had to cancel all five of his elective surgeries.

Now my surgery is rescheduled for Tuesday, May 15.  6 days away now!  Here’s hoping it comes fast and without any appendix drama!

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Where have I been for the past month?

by on May.09, 2007, under z-Old Posts

For the past month, I have been all over North America.  I’d like to use that as my excuse for not posting, but it’s probably lame.  Oh well.

I spent…

April 16-21 in Dallas, Texas
April 24-26 in Toronto, Ontario
April 26-29 in Ottawa, Ontario

And of course, Winnipeg in between.  I left Calgary on April 13 and finally returned on May 7.  I’ll be here until the end of the week, then back in Winnipeg for two weeks.

I am going to be in Toronto probably May 28-29, and again June 11-14.  It’s nice to be in demand, but man am I tired!!

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Hockey Night in Canada

by on Apr.13, 2007, under z-Old Posts

I admit, I haven’t watched a lot of hockey this year, but there’s something about the playoffs that really makes you pay attention. Even though the Leafs didn’t make it, there are plenty of other teams to cheer for. Actually, without having a primary team to cheer for makes me follow the playoffs even more, because I can just enjoy great hockey – not stress over how my team is doing.

Tonight on the plane ride from Calgary to Winnipeg, I watched Hockey Night in Canada with Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey. I’ve always liked Kelly Hrudey, even when he was playing goal for the Kings.

I really liked the interaction between Ron and Kelly. Ron really seems more animated, and I enjoyed that. To be honest, I wouldn’t be that sad if Don Cherry wasn’t around anymore. The novelty of his harshness has really worn off, at least for me.

So for now I say GO CANUCKS and GO FLAMES. The big question is, should I go see Game 4 of Vancouver vs Dallas in Dallas on Tuesday night? I don’t really want to go, but I’m not sure I’d get another opportunity like that. I’ll probably decide that day.

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Drive Thru Etiquette

by on Apr.12, 2007, under z-Old Posts

This morning, as per normal morning routine, I stopped at the Tim Horton’s drive thru beside work.

The speaker is usually very quiet, and today a soft spoken girl was working the mike.  As if that didn’t make it bad enough, two cars behind me there was a big diesel truck rumbling away.  So that’s my first etiquette point – loud vehicles – please do not use the drive thru.

The other issue is space.  I suppose drive thrus are built strategically to allow a certain number of vehicles between the window and the speaker.  But, as we all know, vehicles can be all sorts of different sizes.  So, please, when between the speaker and the window, please pull up as close as you possibly can to the vehicle in front of you – this may allow the person behind you to get those few inches closer to the speaker.  After all, unless you’re right in front of the speaker, you won’t be able to hear thanks to Mr. Diesel Truck behind you.

Finally, avoid ordering things that take a long time.  For instance, at Tim’s, please don’t order a bagel or sandwich through the drive thru.  Not only do they take longer, and therefore hold up the drive thru line, they also seem to get priority over inside orders.  Very frustrating when I choose to have a bagel, go inside, and proceed to have to wait for all the drive thru orders to get their bagels before I get mine.  I’m doing it for you people!!

That’s probably it for now.  I am certain I will think of more later.

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Dropping the ball

by on Apr.05, 2007, under z-Old Posts

Oohh, and I thought I’d gotten so good at remembering to update my blog.

It’s been a busy past few weeks.  Thanks to the start of spring break for Calgary’s elementary school students, I was unable to get a flight to Winnipeg last weekend.  Instead, I ended up at home in St. Catharines. It was a lot of fun, I had a great time with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend.  But it was really really hard being away from Dave for so long, and I had a little meltdown when I got back to Calgary Monday night.  So, since not many people were in the office, I decided to come home to Winnipeg on Tuesday night, and work from home on Wednesday and Thursday.

What a great decision.  Except no work got done thanks to a nasty bout of food poisoning or 24-hour flu or something.  I was able to do a bit of work, but not very much.  Because of being sick, Dave and I were not able to fly to Toronto tonight for Easter weekend, but instead we will fly to Hamilton tomorrow morning.  On Monday night, Dave will fly back to Winnipeg and I’ll fly back to Calgary.

I will post more about the weekend when we get back.  I don’t really expect to post much this weekend, so y’all have a nice holiday!

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