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Writer's Block

by on Sep.29, 2006, under z-Old Posts

I want to say something, but don’t have anything to say.

I’ll be taking a new bus today. I’m going to the stadium after killing some time. This is easier than having Dave pick me up and us going to the stadium right away. I can do productive time killing downtown.

I really hope the Bombers win today. To be honest I don’t really want to go to the game. I’ve not been feeling well all week and would really just like to go home to bed. Kick off is not for another four hours, I’ve got lots of time to decide.

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Season Premier Week

by on Sep.21, 2006, under z-Old Posts

There are lots of reasons why I like summer. Mostly because of the weather – warm, sunny, no snow… all that good stuff.

I also like it because most shows are in hiatis and there’s no NFL or NHL. There’s CFL, but a maximum of only four games per week.

Now we’re well into the third week of September and most shows have launched their season premiers. It only really hit me when I was setting the PVR to record “Shark” when I reazlied we’ve triple booked the PVR in a few time slots. Great. This is likely to become a problem on Monday and Thursday nights.

See, Dave is a TV junkie. I used to be, but now there are only a handful of sites that I want to watch on a regular basis. Thank GOD for the PVR. Only problem is that I don’t usually get control of the remote long enough to watch many of my shows so they often get wiped off the PVR before I watch them to make room for Dave’s show that he’s recording in HD. Not a big deal, I shouldn’t complain cuz it’s not his fault I don’t get around to watching my shows.

Alas, I have now lost the attention of my boyfriend most nights of the week from 7-10. And people wonder why I’m usually in bed by 6:30 or 7:00. Soon enough it’ll even be dark at that time.

Is June here yet?

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by on Sep.19, 2006, under z-Old Posts

Just when I think that consolidating all my blogs into one will make me post more often, the length of time between this post and my last post proves otherwise. Oh well.

It’s only Tuesday, which is horribly depressing. I wore gloves this morning as it was a rather bit chilly outside. Two degrees. Not even the coldest we’ve had yet but thanks to yesterday’s rain, it was quite damp. I can’t believe summer has shut down so fast. You wouldn’t believe how fast the leaves have turned and fallen here.

Last Wednesday I stayed home from work (thanks migraine) and Dave, sweetheart that he is, decided to come home for lunch. When he got home, he mentioned some water gushing onto the street a few houses down. Yup, another water break. We had a water break in front of our house last winter. He said a baracade was up, so the city HAD been there, but wasn’t doing anything about it. Saturday morning we get a knock at the door – its the city – they were about to shut off our water for several hours. SATURDAY! Couldn’t they have done it Friday when most people were at work/school? Or better yet, Wednesday afternoon or Thursday when the problem first came up? There was a fire hydrant right next to the water break – I wonder what the water pressure would have been like if that hydrant was needed.

But anyway, now there’s a messier front yard than ours on our block. They really didn’t do a good job of cleaning up our hard in the spring. They threw some dirt down and left it. I tell ya, if the house four down gets new sod in the spring, the city will be hearing from me!

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Labour Day Weekend

by on Sep.07, 2006, under z-Old Posts

The long weekend wasn’t too bad. Just the right mix of rest, visiting, relaxation, and work.

Friday after work I conked out for about three hours, then went to bed at 9:30 anyway. Dan came and picked Dave up to go fishing early – about 4:30 a.m. I think. I’m not sure I was ever awake enough to look at the clock. I woke up around 9 and decided to go to work for a few hours – you know, enjoy the piece and quiet, make up some time from taking the Monday after the wedding off. Saturday night we just played some Backgammon and relaxed.

Sunday I baked pie! Made three apple pies. Then we went to Ken and Sara’s to watch the Bomber game with them and Amy. Alex and Julianna are so sweet. I took a couple pictures of Alex, Ken & Sara’s five-month old – I’ll have to post them later. After we concluded that the Bombers were going to lose horrendously, Dave beat us all at NHL Monopoly and finally we went home.

Monday I know I got up and dressed, but I don’t think I did much else. We watched football and played SkipBo. Folded the laundry. WOW talk about excitement.

Last night I went to the dentist. It was alright, but I had a migraine yesterday so I pretty much just laid back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed some pain OTHER than the pain in my head and neck. I’m in dire need of a massage, I think Dave and I will do that on Saturday.

Today is Thursday, one more work day this week! Yaa!!

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