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Social Networking

by on Feb.25, 2007, under z-Old Posts

Everyone knows that the web is my passion, one of my main reasons for living. In the past several years, I have administered and moderated many boards. At this point, I currently administer two forums – the Niagara Classic Mustang Club forum and MW, a private forum for Canadian ladies, of which I am part of a four-admin team.

But a few weeks ago, I took on a moderating position with a very busy forum, one that has close to 1000 visitors daily and several thousand posts. Although this is not a paid position, and the other mods are simply doing it for fun, I see it as more of a job, and a reference to follow. We will see how that works out. It’ll be a great challenge and I look forward to getting settled soon in Calgary to really dive into it.

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Late AGAIN??

by on Feb.25, 2007, under z-Old Posts

Yes, I am late once again updating my blog.  But wait a minute – I don’t have a deadline either.  So haha I’m not late, I’ve just left you in dramatic suspense.

So what’s the deal?  When last I wrote, I was tossing around the idea of taking the WestJet job.  As most of you probably know anyway, YES I accepted the job.

Week One of Lyndsay-now-works-for-WestJet is now complete.  Monday I had an all day orientation, and Tuesday got started out busy.  I had my photo ID done at the Hanger, and even started attending meetings that day.  There have been many meetings all week, and I LOVE my coworkers.  I really think I’m going to enjoy working here.  The days fly by and I find myself actually wanting to work on the weekends.  Of course I haven’t, yet, but I’m sure I will.

Right now it is Sunday night and I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight to Toronto.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m already going on my first business trip.  Four of my colleagues and I will be in Toronto Monday and Tuesday for meetings with our media buying company.  We also will meet with our Google representatives, and I’m told we’re going to a Microsoft launch party as well.  Fun!  I’ll be back in Calgary by Tuesday.

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by on Feb.07, 2007, under z-Old Posts

In other news, the weather sucks.  And that’s all the news I really have because due to our outrageously cold weather, I have no left the house since Saturday night.  Yes, that is four days of being cooped up.  Tonight I will get Dave to drive me to the 7-Eleven so I can check my PO Box and mail a couple items.

Our remote starter also crapped out on us.  The good news is that it sounds like we might get it back in the next few days.  PHEW!!  It is a bad time to not have the remote starter.  If the guy can’t install it tonight after Dave gets off work, I’ll have to take it in tomorrow.  Which means going out in the cold weather… wahhhh… but it’ll be worth it to have the remote starter back up and running.

Oh what is our weather?

Well we’re maintaining about -40 degrees C, which, for my American friends, is also -40 degrees F.

And just to really scare you, we actually hit -63 degrees F a couple nights ago.  BRRR!!!  My southern Ontario body was not designed for such frigid weather.  Bring on the chinooks in Calgary!

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WestJet Update

by on Feb.07, 2007, under z-Old Posts

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.  Just a few days after my long post about how I figured I would turn down the WestJet job if it were offered to me, they called.

Let’s back it up a bit though, shall we?

I had my interview at the University last Tuesday, and it went pretty well.  I was pleased to see that my friend Susan worked in the office right next door.  It all seemed perfect.  That afternoon, I immediately wrote and mailed a handwritten thank you note.

The next day, the recruiter from WestJet called and asked if I was still interested.  I hmmm’d and hawww’d because I really thought I would turn it down. But I did say I was still interested, because I certainly didn’t want to close that door until I knew for sure!

I called a few friends and colleagues to talk about it… and one, Wade Miller, who runs a staffing agency and KNOWS who the good employers in Western Canada are, told me that without a doubt the better choice is WestJet.  He strongly advised not to get stuck at the university.

Thursday I heard from WestJet, and yes, I was offered the job.  I asked for a few days to think before accepting, as I wanted to talk to Dave.  This would mean huge things for us – major changes.  Dave, no surprise, being the wonderful man that is he, supported me 100% and has agreed that if all is going well after six months or so, he would move to Calgary and we would make that our home.

And so, Monday morning, I emailed the director and HR recruiter with my acceptance.  Life is now a flury of looking for a roommate, finding out about bus routes, contemplating buying a vehicle (which hurts since I just sold my Mustang!), etc. etc.

I hope to head to Calgary this weekend to start looking into some places.  Dave’s cousin Michael has graciously agreed to let me stay with him for a few days while I try to get this all figured out.

So that’s where things are!  In a few weeks, I will be a WestJet employee.  I’m excited and scared – but a good scared!  I’ve moved provinces before, I am sure I can do it again pretty painlessly.

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Way to go Peyton!!

by on Feb.05, 2007, under z-Old Posts

Yesterday my beloved Peyton Manning not only lead his team to become SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!! But he also received the MVP trophy.

I became a Peyton fan just before the start of this season, and cheered to the Colts all season long. I am THRILLED to have seen them go all the way.

I would have been okay with the Bears winning though, since University of Manitoba alumn Israel Idoniji is the first Manitoban to ever play in an NFL Superbowl game! I think most of Winnipeg was rooting for Chicago, but Dave and I kept up support for Peyton in the quiet privacy of our own home.

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