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The days leading up to Christmas

by on Dec.23, 2006, under z-Old Posts

Yesterday I managed to talk Dave into leaving work an hour early so we could get our Friday afternoon appointments done a little bit early.  Turned out smart, because traffic was MAD.  We were going to go grocery shopping yesterday too, but I ended up having Dave drop me off at a Tim Hortons to have coffee with my Uncle.  By time I got home, we got sucked into “Identity” and “1 vs 100” on TV after which I just went to bed.

This morning I had breakfast with some girlfriends.  We went to Perkins on St. James which actually had moved next door.  A whole new look for Perkins too.  It was alright.  Different.  Our server must have been a newbie, but he did an okay job and even took our picture when we were leaving.  As soon as I get a copy, I’ll post it.

When I got home, I had a nap.  Haha!  I think I slept from 11:30 until 2, which has made me very groggy.  Dave’s dad called to say that Dan and Tracy (Dave’s brother and sister-in-law) were coming over for dinner so of course we are invited too.  Dan and Tracy are leaving for Mexico tomorrow, for their honeymoon.  They got married in August.  I am tres jealous, but my turn is coming.  Might do the same thing, a Christmas-time trip to somewhere warm.

Tomorrow is dinner at Dave’s uncle’s, just a stone’s throw from his dad’s.  Which, to be honest, is just two stone’s throws from us.

Monday, Christmas Day, we have NOTHING planned except watching football.  Too bad it doesn’t start until 4.  We might go driving Christmas morning.  Practice driving, that is, for me.  I am having lots of difficulties driving standard and need more parking lot practice.  With Christmas that’s been hard since everything is open during all waking hours (and some sleeping hours too).  Christmas morning, though, I figure things should be nice and quiet!

Boxing Day we hope to spend with Dave’s cousin from Bermuda and his fiance. I met them both at the wedding in August and we got along great so I think it’ll be a ton of fun.  I’m hoping Gina (the bride) will ask for help planning their Manitoba wedding since they live in Bermuda.  I think Dave likes that idea to get the pressure off of planning OUR wedding.  Ya know, cuz we’re not engaged yet.  Oops. 🙂

What are YOU doing for Christmas?

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by on Dec.20, 2006, under z-Old Posts

Earlier this month, I applied for a job with WestJet.  I was long listed for the first step of the recruitment process – a test.

But not just any test.  A test that they estimated would take a total of 15 hours.  I figure that was a joke, but as I worked alllll day Monday and allllll day yesterday I think I put in a total of 20 hours or so.  Mind you, I think I went above and beyond as I formatted the entire thing into a web site.  It looks great, I think, and I hope they think so too.

I will find out sometime late next week if I passed that stage and get an interview.  Interviews will be held early in the new year in, of course, Calgary.  At that point I figure it will be an appropriate time to start panicing about finding housing in Calgary, figuring out if a weekly commute will work, and if it does, see if Dave can get a job in Calgary somewhere down the road.

Fingers crossed… I’m really nervous and scared about what this could mean!

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She's gone… Delilah is gone.

by on Dec.20, 2006, under z-Old Posts

Today my beloved Mustang became someone else’s.  I miss her.  She was a GREAT car, and perfect for me.  Perfect, that is, when I was living in Ontario.  Having a Mustang just didn’t work in Winnipeg.

I know I did the right thing, getting the money is great, I’ve got a brand new desktop computer to show for it and a bunch of debt paid off.  But it’s been really hard these past four months without a vehicle, and it’s only going to get worse as we sink deeper into winter.

If all goes well, I will get a great job soon and can continue my new business on the side for some extra cash.  Perhaps I can buy a vehicle in the fall or something.  I guess we’ll see.

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Stegall's back!

by on Dec.12, 2006, under z-Old Posts

I think most of the population of Winnipeg heaved a sigh of relief today as Milt Stegall announced that he will play one more year for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Although, he did stop a few hearts as he first imitdated Charlie Roberts by announcing his retirement.  Haha, okay, that’s funny guys. The next big Bomber player who jokes about retirement is gonna get egged, I swear!

2007, ladies and gentlemen… will be the year the Winnipeg Blue Bombers claim the Grey Cup.

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Moving blogs

by on Dec.08, 2006, under z-Old Posts

Moving blogs is never really a fun thing.  It’s work and problems always happen.  Luckily I moved my pro blog over the past few weeks and got through most of the problems in here, teaching me “how to move a blog from blogger to wordpress”.  Huh.  Sounds like a blog post in the making, in fact.  Don’t worry.  I’ll put it on my other blog.  No need to bore people here.

The weekend is almost here, though the perks of self-employment is that days of the week don’t really matter.  The downfall of that is I am finding myself working often on the weekends.  But that’s okay.

I have to leave to do some errands soon, and although Dave goes with me to do all of them, I still have to take the bus to his work.  Luckily, it’s only -5 with a -11 windchill (23 with a 12 windchill for my American friends).  It’s spring!!  Haha yeah right, but this is above average temperatures for this time of year, so I’m pretty happy about that.

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